The Major League Mix - 20 Years of MLS

At the end of the 2015 MLS Season, I teamed up with the New York based soccer periodical 8 by 8 Mag to commemorate the historic 20th year of the league with an hour long mix. Incorporating tunes from each of the 20 host cities that field an MLS team, the mix is a sonic journey through soccer history.

To view the full track list and check out the interview click here.  

To download the mix, follow along here.

Chicago Fire 2017 Hot Mix

After first catching the attention of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club with my first scratch video routine in 2015, and impressing in my sophomore season with the 2016 mix, we went above and beyond for the 2017 edition. 

After analyzing video data, we adjusted the visual messaging, and collaborated with a local firehouse that was converted into an event space.  This year we focused on 2017 as the 20th anniversary season of the fire and let that idea guide our sonic decision making for the routine. Check out the results below, or live at the stadium before every home match of the 2017 season.

Spark the Park
2017 Chicago Fire Collaboration

As a continuation of my partnership with the Chicago Fire Soccer Club in 2017, Spark the Park is a compilation of gameday playlists that are released directly before every home match. 

Each mix is a fusion of player favorites, supporter requests, and breaking new music that serves as a sonic inspiration for my in-stadium performances in Toyota Park.

This year we've switched distribution platforms, seeking to avoid any restrictions regarding licensing music on streamable platforms.

For archived selections from previous seasons, follow along below!

2016 Spark the Park Compilation
2015 Spark the Park Compilation